Multiple DOM threads ? Yes!

Make your apps faster, parallelize away heavy DOM operations.

Before Parallel DOM
After Parallel DOM
Easy to use
Simple, intuitive API. Plug and Play for your existing code.
Your code always executes in a secure context inside a sandboxed iframe wrapper.
Dedicated CPU process for javascript and DOM manipulation.
React components
Run any React component in a parallel DOM. Pass props and callbacks as usual.
How it works
Self hosted
You can host PDom on your own if you want to avoid using the `` domain for some reason.
Deploy with Vercel
Click the button below to use the preconfigured Vercel template with your own Vercel account.
Deploy with Vercel
Your own infrastructure
  1. `git clone`
  2. `cd pdom`
  3. `npm i`
  4. `npm run build`
  5. Serve the `dist` folder with your own static server (like nginx). Or could use http-server
  6. You could also do `npm start` to run a local developement server.
Domain and header configuration
  1. Configure the web server to add the following response header (Already done in the above template for vercel):
    Origin-Agent-Cluster: ?1
  2. Configure a wildcard subdomain, so that any `*.domain.tld` will serve the above hosted code. Here is some documentation on how to do this with common Domain providers.